Bazdeo Dynasty of Limbuwan

King Bazdeohang of Limbuwan (c. 125 BC on)
After the revolution of the Kirant people of Limbuwan area, the Kirant chiefs of the region elected the rebel leader Bazdeohang as their king. He made his capital at Libang and started his own dynasty. He was followed by twelve other kings of his dynasty:
  • King Sangkhadeo I
  • King Sangkhadeo II
  • King Dewapour
  • King Bhichuuk
  • King Ghangtuk
  • King Sotumhang
  • King Limdung
  • King Lijehang
  • King Mapunhang
  • King Dendehang
  • King Kundungjapa
  • King Kundungjapa of Limbuwan

The last king of the Bazdeo dynasty had four sons: Mundhungge, Sandhungge, Kane Hang and Kochu Hang. It is said that Kochu Hang migrated to North Bengal and established his own kingdom, Kochpiguru, from where the term Koch is derived. After the death of King Kundungjapa, Limbuwan fell into chaos and anarchy, each chief ruling their own areas independently.
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