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Derivative and Commodity Exchange Nepal Ltd.
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Change is a small word that conceals so much. It is a word that is hardly ever removed from “resistance” within a sentence, because all structures are geared to the maintenance of the status quo. Two things have changed within commodity trading since the 16th Century. First, the telephone has replaced the message in a cleft stick. Second, the original basis of trust that made trade work, namely that “my word is my bond” has been reversed. It is an ironic reality that most independent trade today is an illusion, in that fantasists seek to offer to sell product they do not own – or buy with funds that they do not have. For some participants there is no boundary to the extent of the risk that will be taken, or limit to the changes to contract terms, if either party feels that they can gain an additional cent.

Thus they come to the major component of the future, an exchange; they named it as Derivatives and Commodity Exchange Nepal (DCX). DCX strives to be at the forefront of developments in the commodities futures industry of Nepal offering the most advanced technology to ensure competitive and sustainable growth in the market.

DCX complies with and imposes the discipline rules on its members, and which works to expand the opportunities and infrastructure – thereby earning its revenue from transaction fees and appropriate commissions. There are no particular restrictions, either regarding product, scope, location or territory. As is the case with specialist derivatives exchanges, an instrument can become a focus, and attract a membership that has a capacity for dealing in those items.

Vision :

DCX strives to be a full-fledged exchange using cutting edge of technology fully dedicated to invent the most productive and remarkable derivatives and commodities exchange that will represent the Nepalese economy.

However, that does not preclude our exchange structure dealing with international agricultural items (such as sugar) and also making markets (buy or sell) in energy related products as a contract for difference (CFDs) instruments.

Mission :

DCX exchange holds as its priority the following mission statement.
“To deliver an open, transparent, cost-efficient and compliant route to market for derivatives & commodities trading products, where exchange practices provide true and fair price discovery, material standards and trade integrity across all listed instruments.”

They envision a unified Nepalese Derivatives and Commodity market that is driven by market forces and continually provides a level playfield for all stakeholders ranging from the primary producer to the end-consumer; corrects historical aberrations in the system; leverages technology to achieve exceptional efficiencies and ultimately lead to a common world market. They also envision a brand image for DCX that identifies it as the Exchange of Choice not only by direct participants in the commodity ecosystem but also by the general public.
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