Era of divided Limbuwan (1609–1741)

The death of King Bijay Narayan Sanglaing of Morang and the subsequent war of revenge by the King of Phedap led to the conquest of the Morang Kingdom of Limbuwan by Lo Hang Sen of Mokwanpur. This event led to the era of divided Limbuwan because the association of Limbuwan states no longer existed.

Only a few of the ten kingdoms of Limbuwan actually formed alliances with the Sen king and saw him as their overlord. In the meantime, in 1641, when King Phuncho Namgyal became the king of Sikkim, independent Limbu kings of Tambar Kingdom, Yangwarok Kingdom, Panthar Kingdom and Ilam Kingdom allied with the Sikkimese king, effectively dividing Limbuwan in half. From the enthronement of King Puncho Namgyal of Sikkim in 1641 to 1741, the eastern and northern Limbuwan kings allied with the kings of Sikkim.
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