Era of Ten Limbu kings (550–1609)

Thus, with unity and strength, the Kirant people of Shan Mokwan origin defeated their rulers. After their victory, the rebel leaders assembled once again at their holy place Ambe Pojoma. The leaders fixed the northern boundary to be in Tibet, the southern boundary in JalalGarh in Bihar, the eastern boundary at the river Teesta and the western boundary at the Dudhkoshi River. Later the boundaries of Limbuwan came to rest at the Arun river in the west and Kanchenjunga mountain and the Mechi river in the east.

The meeting of rebel leaders decided to name the recently acquired country Limbuwan as it was won by the strength of a bow and arrow (Li = “bow”, ambu = “acquire” in the Limbu language). They also decided to divide Limbuwan into ten districts or kingdoms and place ten kings to rule each kingdom. They also agreed to defend Limbuwan from any external threat by rendering military assistance from all the ten kingdoms. They changed the name of their nationality to Yakthumba. Originally at the beginning only the kings of Limbuwan were called Limbus and the people of Limbuwan were called Yakhthungba, but over time the people of Limbuwan started calling themselves Limbu. Thus, the term Limbu and Yakthungba became synonymous.

This period in Limbuwan history corresponds to the Lichhavi and Malla dynasty periods in the Nepal Valley.

The ten rulers, their kingdoms and their forts :
  1. Samlupi Samba Hang — king of Tambar (his capital Tambar Yiok)
  2. Sisigen Sireng Hang — king of Mewa and Maiwa kingdoms (his capital Meringden Yiok)
  3. Thoktokso Angbo Hang — king of Athraya (his capital Pomajong)
  4. Thindolung Khokya Hang — king of Yangwarok (his capital Hastapojong Yiok)
  5. Ye nga so Papo Hang — king of Panthar (his capital at Yashok and Phedim)
  6. Shengsengum Phedap Hang — king of Phedap (his capital at Poklabung)
  7. Mung Tai Chi Emay Hang — king of Ilam (his capital at Phakphok)
  8. Saiyok Ladho Hang — king of Miklung (Choubise) (his capital at Shanguri Yiok)
  9. Tappeso Perung Hang — king of Thala (his capital at Thala Yiok)
  10. Taklung Khewa Hang — king of Chethar (his capital at Chamling Chimling Yiok)
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