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Mercantile Exchange Nepal Limited
Address : Shesh Marga, House No. 25, Charkhal, Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Phone : +977-1-4423566/77/88
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Fax : +977-1-4417854/55
Skype : mex.nepal
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Mercantile Exchange Nepal Limited (MEX), established on 14th August, 2007 and started its operation from 5th January, 2009., is the only Exchange in Nepal to have technical and business related support from the market participants. Since its inception, MEX has been constantly contributing towards the up- gradation and enhancement of Nepali commodity eco-system. The day-to-day operations of the Exchange are managed by the experienced and qualified professionals with impeccable integrity and expertise. None of them have any trading interest. The structure of MEX is impossible to replicate in Nepal.

Uniqueness of MEX lies in various aspects. As a zero debt company, it has accepted globally tested accounting and compliance procedures. MEX is guided by public interest rather than commercial interest. Effective and accepted fair, transparent and rule based dispute settlement mechanism is developed, to eliminate any such conflicts.

MEX commenced futures and Spot trading in precious metal, energy, base metal and agro commodities based upon pure order matching system. Moreover, research desk of MEX is constantly in the process of identifying the hedging needs of the commodity economy and the basket of products is likely to grow even further in the coming days. MEX has also made immense contribution in raising awareness and catalyzing implementation of policy reforms in the commodity sector. MEX is the first Exchange to enroll participation of high net-worth corporate Members in commodity derivatives market.

Taking a leap and justifying the "pioneer" status, the trading mechanism of MEX is the pure order-matching model with the state-of-the-art technology. As this new market mechanism facilitates a robust trading sphere in the commodity market, the principle of trading has radically shifted. To mention a few enhancements- trading based on the market-depth, execution of contracts based on the best available bid-ask quotes, market liquidity et cetera- are some of the advanced features of the new market model. MEX conducts its futures and spot markets through its standard and tested automated trading accessibility to trader which offers the leading benchmarks and trades the futures and spot in its markets. The clearing a service at MEX is performed through MEX affiliated Clearing members. State-of-the-art electronic trading platform which is also known as AX1 brings market access and transparency to participants on broader scale.

A Futures Exchange shall work in line with interest of growers, merchandiser, exporter-importer, industrialist, investors and end users. These are known as market factors. MEX believes to serve the needs and requirements of the market factors. While serving the market factors, MEX follows a globally accepted and tested norms and ethics. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified exchange, the quality of services that MEX offers have been of superior standard. Further, MEX has been setting a benchmark for service delivery in the industry.

Finally, to address the growing demand of the market participants and traders, MEX has started trading practice based on "odd-lots." In basic terms, the traders in odd-lot based trading are facilitated to choose the contract sizes based on their preferences or intent of investment. Further, as the traders are facilitated with multiple contracts in numerous commodities, MEX expects to satisfy the growing requirements of the traders in the Nepalese commodity arena.

Vission :

To envelope the market fundamentals of Nepali commodity eco-system, incorporating active and meaningful market participation to generate a full-fledged, transparent and a collaborative market base to eliminate curtailing prevalent in the commodity business and ensure fair pricing for the farming community.

Mission :

  • To facilitates electronic derivatives trading through robust and tested trading platform, Automated Trading System (ATS).
  • To establish fair price discovery mechanism.
  • To stand for market integrity and price transparency.
  • To help EX-IM, Processor and Grower by providing risk minimization system.
  • To establish global standard in exchange trading.
  • To establish an efficient Clearing and a guaranteed settlement system.
  • Development and implementation of hedging needs.
  • 100 % Observance of anti money laundering laws.

List of Active Members :

  1. Himalayan Commodity Brokers Pvt. Ltd.(CM) - CM20 (Membership No.)

List of Active Brokers :

  1. Allegiant Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 2072 (Brokers Code)
  2. Alternative Concern Pvt. Ltd. - 2059 (Brokers Code)
  3. Ankura Investment Company Pvt. Ltd. - 2064 (Brokers Code)
  4. Banepa Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 2067 (Brokers Code)
  5. Bhairab Investment Company Pvt. Ltd. - 2023 (Brokers Code)
  6. Bullion Trading Point Pvt. Ltd. - 2066 (Brokers Code)
  7. Citizens Commodities and Investment Services Pvt. Ltd. - 3009 (Brokers Code)
  8. D. S. M. Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 2073 (Brokers Code)
  9. Deeplaxmi Commodity Services Pvt. Ltd. - 2035 (Brokers Code)
  10. Derivative Futures Trading Pvt. Ltd. - 2028 (Brokers Code)
  11. Devine Investment and Trade Pvt. Ltd. - 2086 (Brokers Code)
  12. E Zone Commodities Market Pvt. Ltd. - 053 (Brokers Code)
  13. Easy Commodity Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 2046 (Brokers Code)
  14. Epitome Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - 2068 (Brokers Code)
  15. Expedient Securities Pvt. Ltd. - 2002 (Brokers Code)
  16. Farwest Futures Pvt. Ltd. - 3001 (Brokers Code)
  17. Fewa Trade and Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 2005 (Brokers Code)
  18. Friends E-Trading Pvt. Ltd. - 2016 (Brokers Code)
  19. Futuresfocus Investments Pvt. Ltd. - 2089 (Brokers Code)
  20. Gahanagriha Investment Company Pvt. Ltd. - 2077 (Brokers Code)
  21. Gautam Gold Mart Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. - 2075 (Brokers Code)
  22. Growth Investment and Services Pvt. Ltd. - 2045 (Brokers Code)
  23. IFRS Solution Pvt. Ltd. - 2061 (Brokers Code)
  24. IT Training and Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 2047 (Brokers Code)
  25. Jambhala Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 1001 (Brokers Code)
  26. JD Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 2034 (Brokers Code)
  27. Kalsang Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 2037 (Brokers Code)
  28. Laxmi Gold Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 1024 (Brokers Code)
  29. Lima Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 2054 (Brokers Code)
  30. Maverick Securites and Trade Pvt. Ltd. - 1014 (Brokers Code)
  31. Monetary Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 2087 (Brokers Code)
  32. Money Plus and Securities Pvt. Ltd. - 1005 (Brothers Code)
  33. Money Spell Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 1039 (Brokers Code)
  34. Morning Star Investment Services Pvt. Ltd. - 1003 (Brokers Code)
  35. Multi International Trade Market Pvt. Ltd. - 1032 (Brokers Code)
  36. Nepal International Financial Center Pvt. Ltd. - 1036 (Brokers Code)
  37. Norex Pvt. Ltd. - 3007 (Brokers Code)
  38. Pama Trade and Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 2083 (Brokers Code)
  39. Sansar Investment Company Pvt. Ltd. - 1040 (Brokers Code)
  40. Selectnet Securites n Investment Services Pvt Ltd 2091
  41. Shakyamuni Commodities Traders Pvt. Ltd. - 2080 (Brokers Code)
  42. ShreeRajShyamaji Investment & Trade Center Pvt. Ltd. - 2038 (Brokers Code)
  43. Simrik Investments Pvt. Ltd. - 1007 (Brokers Code)
  44. Sonata Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 1023 (Brokers Code)
  45. Sony Gold And Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 2076 (Brokers Code)
  46. SP Commodities Pvt. Ltd. - 2062 (Brokers Code)
  47. SRB Capital Pvt Ltd - 2092 (Brokers Code)
  48. Standard Commodities Pvt. Ltd. - 1006 (Brokers Code)
  49. Three Star Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 2081 (Brokers Code)
  50. Universal Commodities Pvt. Ltd. - 2007 (Brokers Code)
  51. Vista Investment Pvt. Ltd. - 1028 (Brokers Code)
  52. Wise Investment Pvt. Ltd. 1029 (Brokers Code)
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