Sanglaing Dynasty of Limbuwan

  • King Sangla Ing (first king of Ing dynasty)
  • King Pungla Ing (became Amar Raya Ing)
  • King Kirti Narayan Raya Ing
  • King Ap Narayan Raya Ing
  • King Jarai Narayan Raya Ing
  • King Indhing Narayan Raya Ing
  • King Bijay Narayan Raya Ing

The last king of the Ing dynasty of Morang Kingdom Bijay Narayan built a good friendship with the king of Phedap, Murray Hang Khebang. He then advised King Bijay Narayan to build a new town after his name, and thus Bijaypur town was settled. Bijaypur town, near present-day Dharan City remained the capital of Morang Kingdom and of all of Limbuwan until 1774. King Bijay Narayan then persuaded King Murray Hang Khebang of Phedap to stay in Bijaypur and assist him in ruling Morang Kingdom as his prime minister. King Murray Hang Khebang agreed to the proposal and his title of prime minister became a hereditary position for his descendants. In this way King Bijay Narayan Raya Sanglaing effectively made King Murray Hang his prime minister and Murray Hang’s son Bajahang Raya Khebang ruled the kingdom of Phedap under his father. King Bijay Narayan also gave the title of Raya, “King”, to Murray Hang. Since then, King Murray Hang Khebang became the first prime minister of Limbuwan and second king of Limbuwan to hold the Hindu title of “Raya”.

Over time, the relationship between King Bijay Narayan Raya Sanlgaing and his prime minister Murray Hang Khebang soured. The king accused Murray Hang of raping his daughter and sentenced him to death. Hearing the news of Murray Hang’s betrayal by the king of Morang, his son King Bajahang Khebang decided to punish the King of Morang. He went to Makwanpur and asked for the help of King Lo Hang Sen of Makwanpur. King Lohang Sen of Makwanpur with the help of the Kirant force conquered Bijaypur in 1608. King of Phedap Bajahang Khebang, who had come to take revenge of his father’s death, died on the battlefield; at the same time, King Bijay Narayan also died of natural causes. King Lohang Sen of Makwanpur then appointed King Bajahang Khebang’s son and Murray Hang’s grandson, Bidya Chandra Raya Khebang, as prime minister of the Morang Kingdom and gave him autonomy to rule Morang. Lohang Sen returned to Makwanpur and King Bidya Chandra Raya Khebang went to Lhasa to get recognition as the real King of Limbuwan. King Bidya Chandra successfully gets the Royal document with the seal of Dalai Lama recognition of him as the ruler of all of Phedap and Morang. In the meantime, the rest of the kingdoms of Limbuwan were ruled by their own kings.
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