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Making the easy way for travel in Nepal. On the menu, added/adding the websites about travel and tours in Nepal. You can check the websites and choose/find the destination/flights/travel packages/hotels/cost details/guidelines by contacting them online or offline in their contact details.

Guidelines for Nepal travel :

  • You can travel own self without any guider in all over the Nepal but always keep emergency numbers for your safety.

Why travel in Nepal :

  • It is very cheap to travel in Nepal, your vacation will be satisfied with low cost.
  • Nepal is knowing as second Switzerland for climate, cool weather and mountain climbing.
  • Nepal is rich country for natural and cultures.
  • Nepal is being famous for trekking because of having mostly hilly region.
  • Nepalese people are so friendly and so helpful.
  • Nepal having the 8 of top-10 highest mountains worldwide, including the top highest Mt. Everest (8,848 m / 29,028 ft).

Some information before travel in Nepal :

  • Nepal is land locked country (north-China & east,south,west-India).

Note : This blog is just shearing the information and not any others.
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